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This arts-based social emotional-learning (SEL) program influences children in their most formative years, from 4 – 8, Transitional Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Through the richness of the arts: music, dance, theatre, visual arts and puppetry, children learn about the universal values that join us as a human family. Concepts like kindness, courage, compassion and creativity, and the many overarching themes we call “secrets” help children appreciate the innate gifts with which they were born. The gifts, when used skillfully, give them the keys to live a full and happy life.

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Secrets of the Heart® TV (SOTH) by Dream A World Education was like many in-person organizations during the pandemic – they needed to pivot – and quickly. The team at SOTH quickly transformed their entire in-person program to a video series complete with audio books, eBooks, worksheets, and multiple curriculum options to continue to bring their program to constituents. Their multi-faceted program needed to be delivered via email to both teachers, students, and parents alike.