Luna Dance Institute

Site redesign and reorganization for a more cohesive UX

Luna Dance Institute, the only choreography-centered children’s dance program in California, pushes the boundaries of what dance can accomplish, reuniting families and advancing dance as a field of education. We worked together, building a fresh and organized website to best serve their varied students.

SERVICES: Strategy + UX, Web Design, Custom WordPress Development, WooCommerce Setup

Luna Dance Institute provides pedagogy leadership to dance educators across the country.

Their users needed a better way to learn about the many programs, intensives and community events offered by Luna. With a strategic reorganization and modern styling, we connected dance students to resources and a registration portal on a new WordPress site. We want to provide lasting value, so we future-proofed their registration system with an easily maintained WooCommerce implementation.

“Reviewing the site, it looks great. I’m so impressed with your thorough thinking and care. This is SO exciting!!!”

– Patricia Reedy
Founder and Executive Director of Creativity & Pedagogy | Luna Dance Institute